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Multimedia Production

Dolf Technologies offers a range of multimedia production services, ranging from 2D and 3D animations, simulations of all types like equipment simulations, technical simulations, process simulations, management simulations, and engineering simulations; to videos and other digital media content. Our multimedia services may be employed for education, training, awareness, and marketing.

Our range of multimedia production services includes:

Industrial and engineering simulations and animations (in 2-D & 3-D)
CGI (custom 3D models, animations, etc.)
Custom illustrations (characters, scenes, objects)
Virtual and Augmented Reality content
Video & audio production
Live video shoots (lights, cameras, actors, etc.)
Video post-production (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro)
Translation (Arabic to English, English to Arabic)

We customize our multimedia production process as per your requirements and you are involved at every stage of the process.

Your Idea

Multimedia development starts by gathering your requirements and discussing your ideas. Technical details of the idea may be reserved for later discussions.

Needs Assessment

The next phase translates into detailed discussions about your needs. Based on these discussions, we make technical and pedagogical recommendations to proceed.


In the next phase, we customize our development process to align with your idea and requirements. The output is a bespoke and customized development plan to develop the multimedia element.

Project Delivery

In the final phase, the project is delivered in the form of tangible multimedia products such as animations, short video nuggets, vide-based courses, VR modules, or any other required format.