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Custom E-Learning

Dolf Technologies offers custom e-learning development services in both Arabic and English languages. Our e-learning solutions empower learning and align robustly with your key decision parameters like learner motivation, learning objectives, audience, budget, and timelines.

Our e-learning courses are SCORM compliant and responsively designed, ensuring that they can be hosted and accessed from LMSs and devices. And they come topped with intelligent analytical applications with simple-to-use user interfaces enabling learning administrators to interact with their learners’ learning data and draw business conclusions and insights.

Our E-Learning Service Range
Custom e-learning development
HTML5-based e-learning custom development; Flash to HTML5 e-learning conversion
MOOC course development; Video-based e-learning development
iBooks, e-Books, micro-learning nuggets
Blended learning, Instructor-led trainings (ILTs) material development, Arabic localization
Subject matter expert, instructional design, project management services
Our Competitive Advantage
Local Saudi Development Centers
Industry benchmarked development process
Customer-oriented approach; onsite project development team for large projects
Robust, intuitive project and program management
Scalable operational capabilities
Well-established resource panel for Subject Matter Expert (SME), narrators, and language editors

Technology is only as good as it can be optimally employed to achieve the underlying objective. E-learning is no exception to this; and we at Dolf Technologies realize this discreetly. While our e-learning content development services and solutions are aligned with the new generation and disruptive technologies, our prime focus never shifts away from the underlying objective of empowering learning.

We follow the standard ADDIE model to design and develop custom e-learning.






We adopt a pragmatic and measurable work breakdown structure to implement the ADDIE phases. Formative evaluation is built into each phase of the work breakdown structure to allow the designers, learners, instructors, subject matter experts, managers, and all other stakeholders to assess the conformation of the established goals and objectives. This also ensures deficiencies, quality defects, or nonconformance in any of the phases is identified and proper interventions and preventive and corrective actions are taken well in time.