• 2024/01/24

Digital Twins



Digital Twin is an important aspect of enterprise augmented reality servicing and a facilitation medium for Industry 4.0.
A Digital Twin model can be described as an interactive simulation of a physical product, using a virtual version of the product and a live data stream in-between, making the virtual version, a live twin replica breathing information.


Digital Twins achieves these milestones:



Facilitates the intake and human processing of product related information by employing high fidelity 3D visualizations of the product components coupled with a smart information flow design, and by reducing the cognitive load.



Serves accurate and fast comparisons between benchmark data and on-site readings streaming through the virtual model empowering quantitative and qualitative analysis.



Digital Twins diminishes the limitations of distance. Onsite workers can see the performance of other off-shore factory machines in live operations. Consultation experts and supervisors can collaborate live across the globe seeing the same digital twin of the product streaming and its live on-site data to multiple locations across the world.



Digital Twin facilitates Industry 4.0. They free us from the physical realm where humans operate relatively inefficiently. Physical location becomes irrelevant, and humans from across the globe share the same visualization, engage in comparisons identifying the difference between what is and what should be, and effectively collaborate.