• 2024/03/13

Custom E-Learning


Custom E-Learning

Dolf Technologies offers custom e-learning development services in both Arabic and English languages. Our e-learning solutions empower learning and align robustly with your key decision parameters like learner motivation, learning objectives, audience, budget, and timelines.

Our e-learning courses are SCORM compliant and responsively designed, ensuring that they can be hosted and accessed from LMSs and devices. And they come topped with intelligent analytical applications with simple-to-use user interfaces enabling learning administrators to interact with their learners’ learning data and draw business conclusions and insights.


Our E-Learning Service Range & Our Competitive Advantage


Custom e-learning developmentLocal Saudi Development Centers
HTML5-based e-learning custom development; Flash to HTML5 e-learning conversionIndustry benchmarked development process
MOOC course development; Video-based e-learning developmentCustomer-oriented approach; onsite project development team for large projects
iBooks, e-Books, micro-learning nuggetsRobust, intuitive project and program management
Blended learning, Instructor-led trainings (ILTs) material development, Arabic localizationScalable operational capabilities
Subject matter expert, instructional design, project management servicesWell-established resource panel for Subject Matter Expert (SME), narrators, and language editors