• 2024/02/29

Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is an immersive technology that superimposes computer-generated virtual content on a user’s view of the real world – thus “augmenting” the real world view.

AR finds its application in numerous industry sectors and domains:


Dolf AR Service Value Chain

Dolf Technologies is a pioneer in implementing augmented reality and virtual reality technology and solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We offer specialized custom immersive content development services for augmented reality (AR). The content for AR includes content for marker-based, marker-less (SLAM, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), object recognition, and geo-based tracking.

AR value chain involves four primary elements:


AR Content Development Platform

A Platform to develop the Enterprise AR application and content



The handheld, head-mounted, or other wearable mobile devices used to view AR content


Deployment & Delivery Platform

A comprehensive IT infrastructure used to deploy and deliver the Enterprise AR solution – often an assemblage and integration of legacy IT infrastructure and IoT platform



The digital overlay content, which may include 3D content, instructions, infographics, live video, or any other content


Dolf Technologies  supports the complete AR implementation value chain and offers bespoke, end-to-end AR implementation, including consulting and procurement for hardware and deployment & delivery platform.

Dolf Technologies offers custom AR immersive content development services for your requirements. Our AR content development strategy is based on:



Specific AR implementation use case



Features and capabilities of the AR devices, including mobile devices, wearable AR smart glasses, and wearable AR head mounted devices (HMDs)



Recommended AR technology for the specific use case (like marker-based, marker-less (SLAM), object recognition, and geo-based tracking)



Availability and type of legacy content